All about me

I studied metalsmithing and jewellery at DeMontfort university after focussing on Art and Design at college. After a few years of working in different roles I came back to my creative roots completing a degree in computer game development. This sparked my art again and I took up painting. A road accident in 2013 left me on crutches and unable to access my 3rd floor studio so for 3 months I spent my time focussing on stencilling techniques. Having perfected my own technique I now create unique assemblages for backgrounds that set off the image.

I am inspired by Japan. The culture is so different from our own here in the west and the Art is therefore very different as well. My work draws on influences from both cultures to create something that has a style all of its own. I also love eyes, they are the focus of the face and give away everything we are feeling. I continue to develop my popular series of work based on eyes from humans and animals. In 2016 I won the Zoo Choice Prize at the 'Never Forget' exhibition in Chester with my elephant eye assemblage.